About me


A real journeyman of motorcycle competition I’ve raced something every single year since 1982; as an International motorcycle racer, with multi British Championship titles, an FIM Euro championship, and wins on the ‘pure roads’ at the Macau GP, NorthWest 200, my credibility, history, experience, in-depth knowledge and subsequent success in this branch of motorsport runs true and deep.
I now also enjoy sharing my wealth of experience and knowledge of the sport, trying to put something back, through circuit guides, hints and tips videos and one to one on track coaching as an independent ACU certified commercial road race coach.

British Championship Titles Won 
1988 British Junior Stock Champion
1992 British Supersport 400cc Champion
1995 British Supersport 600cc Champion
2004 British Supermono Champion – water cooled
2014 British Historic GP Champion
2015 British Historic GP Champion.

I’m very lucky that I’m quite good at riding bikes, and over the years have had lots of support and sponsors who make it possible, but still at the end of the day it’s an expensive hobby – and I wouldn’t be able to do it without extensive help.
If you’d like to be part of my team, you can either just send my something directly via PayPal.Me or if you’d prefer you can join my exclusive Patreon Page where you can pledge from just $10 per month, just like buying me a drink, and your subscription will go towards helping to keep me on track and making content Patreon.com/no1bloke where there’s a variety of rewards in return for different subscription tiers.

I hope you enjoy my online content – I’m trying to use the internet to entertain and inform bikers and non motorcyclists alike you can click to Email me.